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We have a wide range of machineries. Turning, we have got Numerical Control (and traditional ones) suitable to machine till a diameter of 1000 mm. Milling machining, we have numerical control machines (frontal and horizontal) which allow us to machine a large variety of dimension and different kinds of particulars. We have not only machinery for turning and milling cutting, but we can hone our production with a great number and types of other equipments.

The strong point of our production is ductility, due to the programming system computer aided. The CAM stations are used to programme the 3,4 and 5 asses machines. These stations are linked directly to the Numerical control machines.

We have 2 test rooms equipped with CMM Machines,.

We usually give a dimensional check report, in order to satisfy our customer requests.

The tooling management is centralized in a dedicated room (Tool Room) where operators daily answer the workshop needs through the mounting, presetting, balancing of each tool. It is the heart of the machining innovation, where to find the best solution at every material working problem.

We normally work iron and not iron materials, plastics, alloys, and several special materials. We have been improving our experience in machining for 40 years that is the reason why we are able to manage every type of material. Several have been the works realized in Nylon, Plexiglas, Teflon, Titanium, Kovar, and Molybdenum; nevertheless our strong point is the machining of every kind of stainless steel and aluminium.

Overview of Facilities and technologies:

Machining facilities

Machining of Molybdenum

Electron-Beam Welding: overview

Vacuum brazing: overview

List of Machineries and Equipments

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