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CECOM staff is composed by engineers, physicists, designers and technicians that take care of:

  • Finance and Administration

  • Purchasing

  • Quality Management

  • Technical Department

  • R&D

  • Scheduling and Production organization

  • Manufacturing

Available machineries can be found here


Finance and Administration

For the administrative and financial aspects of orders and contracts the customers have at their disposal qualified personnel for any kind of matters.



Purchasing of material is a crucial part for the beginning of a contract. Due to the high level of the requests of our customers, we have been improving our knowledge regarding the choice of the suppliers for any field of application. Raw material, casting, surface treatments, are always involved in a typical project.
Our experience is often used by our customers in order to find the best solution for a furniture.


Quality Management

The entire production process, from the receipt of the order to the delivery and eventual after-sell services, is managed accordingly to the requirements of CECOM Quality Standards and certifications (ISO-9001 and ISO-14001).
A Quality Assurance Manager is completely dedicated to guarantee the correct application of Quality Requirements in all steps of production and tests.


Technical Department

In the technical department the main technical aspects of the projects are reviewed and eventually discussed with the customer for further optimization.
Our technical department includes several workstations for the design, equipped with AUTOCAD and SOLID EDGE.


Information Management

Thanks to our management information system, developed ad hoc for all workshop needs, it is possible to control all information related to our productions. This information is shared by CECOM production services, in order to assure the traceability of data and processes and to assure a straightforward progress of all activities.



The R&D department takes care of the study of technical aspects involved in special applications, with a constant attention to the application and development of frontier technologies that can improve the performances of the products and/or reduce the costs required for the production. This department also manages CECOM collaboration with several organizations, such as Universities, research institutes and companies working on special machining and treating processes.

Scheduling and Production

CECOM structure includes a key staff dedicated to the organization of the production: a scheduling manager, a technician dedicated to the logistics of production activities, a specialized senior technician dedicated to the management and supervision of all technical aspects involved with the production, and a specialized technician dedicated to the maintenance of software related tasks, including the management of the database of the production information.



CECOM manufacturing department includes several technicians and workers, with different levels of experience and specialization:

  • Numerical control machine programming

  • CAD/CAM programming

  • Welding

  • Assembling

  • UHV cleaning, assembling and testing

  • Storage of materials

  • Tools management

  • Maintenance

  • Packaging

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